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VIB are mechanical components that exploit the elastic deformation of four cylinders made of natural rubber and lodged inside the hollows which result when two elements with square section are turned 45° one to the other. The maximum angle of torsion that the lever can reach is ±30° from the balance position and is inversely proportional to the oscillation frequency. The VIB rubber suspensions can be used in several applications such as: springs, shock absorbers, decelerators, oscillating supports or anti-vibrating supports. VIB oscillating mountings work in a range of temperatures varying from -40°C to +80°C and under any environmental condition, being insensitive to dirt and very resistant against both water and sunrays. The VIB elements have been widely accepted in areas in which mechanical vibrations play a role. Being rubber suspension units they can be used, at well-defined frequencies, either to amplify the spreading out of the waves or to absorb the vibrating solicitations of the machine structures. The VIB components, in fact, have by now supplanted the traditional mechanical springs functioning as suspensions both in conveyors with connecting rod/crank action, screens, sieves and in vibrating conveyors, vibrating screens, seeing that they better propagate the vibrations along the conveying trough and, at the same time, isolate the rocking masses from the fixed structures, thus preventing the waves from propagating into the surroundings. By now the VIB elements are  largely used also for suspensions of plansichters and sieves with eccentric rotating masses.

Applications for rubber suspension units, oscillating mountings, rocker suspensions, antivibrating elements, motor bases, suspension units:

- screening machine - oscillating conveyor - vibroscreen - dewatering screens

- vibrating systems - suspended screens - mobile crushers - vibratory screens

- conveyor troughs - giratory sifting machines - discharge chutes - vibrating sieve


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