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Tecnidea Cidue has the largest line of chain and belt tensioners in the world; however it decided to implement in its line of products a new item GRIGIO. The reason for this choice is to satisfy an increasingly demanding and vast market. GRIGIO is a ROBUST product which means reliable, SIMPLE for it’s of easy use, VERSATILE for it has more application possibilities, ANOX for it resists oxidation, POLYHEDRIC for it can be transformed in different applications, ELEGANT, a quality that can not be described, a look is more than enough; the main reason that makes it this interesting is that it’s CHEAP; this characteristic from our point of view is especially important for it will allow it to impose itself in more markets, even in those emergent markets that are in need for valid products but with a moderate starting price. The base principles of its use are the ones explained from page 15 to page 18 of our VOLUME 1.

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