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By now TECNIDEA CIDUE S.r.l. is able to market 200.000 variants of its articles, the greatest part being available in stock; the product lines are today:

TEN BLOC (patented), ARIA (patented), OLIO (patented), ARCO (patented), TEN JOY, C-RESA (patented), C-RESA CIAO (patented), C-RESA NIC (patented), TEN JOY MIX, BLU and BLUD/GS and GD (patented), chain tightening pinions with bearing PTC, VIB oscillating mountings, VIB rubber suspensions, VIB antivibration mountings, VIB motor bases, multidirectional roller chains 3KD (patented), dovetailing or connecting units CAFRA SCHLÜSSEL (patented), automatic punch PLOC. 

Thanks to many years of experience on the international market, working in tight contact with important firms at a worldwide scale, TECNIDEA CIDUE has reached such a know-how concerning its _ products, that it is able to offer its clients services for the designing and realization of  special custom-made plants and to provide them with any sort of testing equipment.

TECNIDEA CIDUE exports to more than 30 different countries, all over the world, and distinguishes itself for its seriousness, competence, speed, punctual delivery, competitive prices plus an excellent before and after sales service for each product.